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Cable color labelling according to GOST

The phrase “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain” is known to everyone since childhood, however, in the field of cable and wire products there is a “rainbow of colors” that allows any electrician to determine zero, ground or phase when wiring.

The main purpose of such labelling is to create the safest conditions for electrical work and reduce the time for finding and identifying contacts. According to national and European regulations, each current conducting conductor must have a different color of insulation layer.

According to GOST, the following color of cable CC insulation is selected in power cables:

  • Green-yellow — always the grounding insulation of current conducting conductor.
  • Blue is used to indicate the operating neutral (zero) conductor.

Depending on the number of phases (one or three), GOST specifies 3 colors: white, brown, black. When it comes to power cables, in DC wires, red means “plus” and black means “minus”. While with stranded wires, the color range is much more varied — you can see all kinds of colors and shades — both solid and striped!

!All colors must be easily distinguishable and durable. Under this condition it is permissible to label the current conducting conductors by coloring the top layer of the insulation.

As for the sheath, which may be applied over insulated current conducting conductor of wires and cables to make the wire flat and the cable virtually round, its color is not regulated according to GOST 31947-2012.

Alongside this, EXPERT-CABLE factory offers individual labelling with a unique color scheme. Such a feature will make it possible to quickly and visually identify the product’s belonging to the construction site and subsequently facilitate the repair and maintenance work.

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