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Quality standards in the cable industry

The manufacture of cable and wire products is an important industry segment, on which the safety of all housing, utilities and industrial facilities depends.

The general organization for the standardization of the cable industry in Russia is All-Russian Research and Development Institute for Cable Industry (VNIIKP), and the member of the national standardization system is the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 46.

The standardization body in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). National standardization commissions, which are members of ISO and IEC, jointly develop standards as part of national Technical Committees.

The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization CENELEC operates within the EU in coordination with the International Organization for Standardization. CENELEC member states develop European standards to be applied on the territory of all the member states of the European Union exactly and without any adjustments.

A large list of cable and wire products in the Russian Federation is produced in accordance with departmental specifications (TU), which are developed by VNIIKP.

The Technical Regulations of the Customs Union make it compulsory to certify manufactured cables that are intended to be used at operating voltages of 50 — 1000 V for alternating mains.

By issuing a declaration, the manufacturer takes responsibility for the production of cables in accordance with GOST R. It draws up the form established in the Russian Federation, after which the accreditation body registers the certificate with the Rosreestr and monitors its execution through special state bodies.

In addition to the declaration, manufacturers of cable products must also obtain a fire safety certificate in accordance with RF Law No 123-FZ dated 22.06.08. It specifies all fire safety requirements for the manufacture of cables, including fire distances from the laying base to nearby objects, the degree of moisture protection and impact protection.

Our specialists keep track of all updates in the documents of international standardizing organizations and maintain the level of our products in accordance with the general world level.

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