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What is tolerance?

When ordering cable and wiring products, you can find such concepts as “tolerance” and “minimum production length”. What does it mean?

In commercial legal relations, the term “tolerance” is understood as the intended discrepancy between the length of the produced cable and the one ordered by the client. According to GOST 12177 the discrepancy in the length of a cable product must not exceed 1% +1 unit of measurement, but in fact it is impossible to maintain this when large lengths of cable and wiring products are produced.

Tolerance is therefore always agreed in advance and specified in the Specification. Normally it is ±5% of the cable length, however, (in exceptional cases) it is also possible to change it from 0% to 10%.

“EXPERT-CABLE” factory values its reputation and provides a high level of service at all stages of work with the client. The company values your time and strives to make cooperation comfortable by making sure that toleration is available well in advance.

The minimum production length is the length of the cable product due to the economic feasibility of production. It is uneconomical for a company to produce cables below the minimum length because the high start-up costs and material waste of short lengths can make it unprofitable to produce them.

Cable length is the standardized length of a cable product in one piece, i.e. the projected cable on a reel. Usually, suppliers will wind the cable according to the company’s internal norms (minimum production lengths) or according to individual conditions agreed with the customer.

The cable length depends on the design and is inversely proportional to the maximum permissible voltage. For example, it is 200-250 m for 20 kV and 350-450 m for 6 kV cables.

Depending on cable length, 2 types of cable can be distinguished:

  • Standard. Their length is on average 200-450 m.
  • Under sized. They have a length of 50-100 m.

The cable can also be cut to the cable lengths at the Factory or by the customer himself (as agreed). However, there is also such a parameter as the installed length of the cable.

The installed length of the cable is the total length required for a particular section. If it is larger than the cable length, the end user needs to use couplings, which reduces the reliability of the line. Therefore, it is advisable that the cable and installed lengths match each other.

In order to meet customer requirements, the EXPERT-CABLE factory can manufacture cables to meet the requirements of a specific design project.

To do this, you can send an email request to e-mail  with the technical requirements of the required cable products, or with a description of the intended use of the cable, conditions of installation, as well as requirements for resistance to chemical and aggressive media, etc. Our technologists will be sure to find the most suitable cable and wire product for you.

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