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Additional protection against theft and counterfeiting

Problem-solving in relation to theft and counterfeiting problem of cable products on construction sites

  • Individual labelling for each construction site

    Many construction companies face the problem of theft at construction sites.

    With individual labelling, we help our customers to minimize a damage by theft and this solution will also make it easier to identify a particular construction site where cable and wire products were stolen.

  • Unique color scheme

    It is possible to produce cable products with a unique color scheme of outer sheath. This solution will make it possible to quickly visually identify whether a product belongs to the construction site.

    During installation, it is possible to underline particularly important power supply groups, which will afterwards facilitate the work of the maintenance and operating services.

  • Cable length labelling

    All cable products manufactured by our factory are labelled with cable lengths all the way.

    This solution will allow you to monitor the actual meterage on site, without need for security stickers or seals on the cable ends. It will help minimize damage from theft.

    Also, due to the faster unwinding of the cable from the reel, labor productivity is increased.

According to statistics, the difference in the price range between a high-quality cable and wire products and counterfeit products is about 15%, but the damage can be hundreds, thousands of times higher than the costs, and often the losses are irreparable – human lives.

Consequences of using low-quality cable products

  • Excessive consumption of electricity (losses in networks)

  • Reduced service life of cable networks

  • High risk of fire

  • Human sacrifice

Cable Plant "EXPERT-CABLE" is a modern full-cycle manufacturing enterprise, from the manufacture of basic raw materials (copper wire rod) to the serial production of products.

  • Product quality guarantee.

All manufactured products are certified in accordance with state and interstate standards. We carry a warranty for every meter of our products.

  • CONTINUOUS quality control

Our own Testing Laboratory conducts tests of all elements of cable and wire products in the process of technological production, from the materials from which they are made to finished cable products.

  • Openness

We provide information support to our customers: technical consultations, assistance in the selection of products, visits to the production site, prompt resolution of any questions from the customer

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