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1.1 Where could be found the price-list of Expert-Cable LLC?

There is no complete price list for the products. The cable price is a derived value and depends on many factors. Therefore, in order to obtain a quotation for our range, you will need to generate an enquiry and send it to:

  • your personal manager
  • to our email:
  • leave a request by phone: 8 (800) 707-66-70
  • place an application on our website via the “Quick Request” form
1.2 How often do the prices of cable and wire products and rolled metal products change?
Changes are most often made when there are changes in the price of the main raw material (copper or aluminium) or when there are significant changes in the exchange rate of the national currency.
1.3 Where is the production site located?
Our production is based at 105 Razdolnaya str., Oryol.
1.4 Is Expert-Cable LLC working with retail customers?
The company sells its products both through its own regional offices and through a network of dealers.
1.5 What is the minimum order quantity for the cable?
The minimum amount of cable to be ordered depends directly on the cable brand you require and the availability in stock.

If mass-produced cable is available, any length from 10 metres can be provided.

In the case of non-serial production, you will be offered an analogue of the cable with the best characteristics, or the required cable will be placed into production.

The minimum amount of cable to be placed in production is between 500 m and 1 km, depending on the complexity of the cable in production and the cable sales frequency.
1.6 What are the lead times?
According to the item group of the contract cable and production load of Expert-Cable LLC the lead time may constitute from 1 week to 2 months.

Average production time is 1 — 3 weeks.
1.7 Are all manufactured products certified?
Yes, all of them.
Each batch of cable sent to the customer is accompanied by certificates of conformity and quality data sheets indicating the recipient and quantity of cable shipped.
1.8 What packaging does the cable come in?
The cable is currently supplied in coils or on cable reels. The cable is wound on the reel if the total weight is over 50 kg.
The cable wound on the reel must be lined with special packaging material bearing the manufacturer’s details.
2.1 Why is it necessary to use fire resistant cable lines?
Fire resistant cable lines (FRCL) are required by Federal Law 123-FZ to ensure the sustainable operation of fire protection systems in the event of an on-site fire.

Cable lines must have a certificate confirming that they have been laid in the specified manner, tested in accordance with GOST R 53316-2009 and provide fire resistance for the required time.
2.2 How long must fire resistant cable lines operate in the event of a site fire?
Systems involved in evacuating people from a facility must operate for at least the calculated evacuation time for that facility.
Fire extinguishing systems must operate for the time specified in the relevant fire-fighting systems and other guidance documents for these systems.
2.3 What requirements must fire alarm system cable lines meet in order to be used at the facility?
2.6 Are there any important specific features in case of design and electrical installation works?
Each line has its own peculiarities. Our experts have developed design and installation instructions for all FRCL “EXPERTLINE FR.”
2.7 Can the FRCL EXPERTLINE FR structures be used for cabling of non-fire protection systems?
Cables from other systems must not be routed in the FRCL, nor must cables for fire-protection systems that are not certified for use in this FRCL.