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The graffiti contest "To the full extent" has been held!

On 16.11.20 Expert Cable LLC hosted its first graffiti competition “Full-on.”

The idea of the event is to combine business approach and cultural creativity. This is the first competition of its kind. Participants were asked to paint the cable reel flange in graffiti style. Its diameter is 2 meters.

We wanted to show that even the simplest things can be celebrated with a bit of imagination, talent and meaning. Around 30 entries were submitted and the authors of the top ten works were invited to participate in person at the cable factory, where prepared reels were already waiting.


Each participant put a piece of his/her soul into his/her work. Children didn’t just paint, they shared their world view, reflecting what they felt was important. These reels are now varnished and waiting to be wound with cable. Soon they will be scattered all over the country. Our Factory hopes that our partners will appreciate these small pieces of art being not only a sign of attention, but an attempt to make the world around us brighter and richer.

By the way, the winners were given what we think were worthy prizes. 1st place for the work “People, please stop” was taken by Evgeny Kulpin, 2nd place for the work “Live to the fullest” was taken by Andrey Filatov, 3rd place with work “Take Care of our World” was taken by Egorov Ivan. Guys, thank you all very much for your participation, creativity and your talent. Attention and respect are the core working values of Expert Cable LLC. Thereby our slogan is reliability in every meter. Expert Cable LLC— made by professionals.

Thank you all for your support!

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