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Expert-Cable LLC supported the volunteers

An important place among the specialized agencies in the social sphere today is occupied by various volunteer centers and community organizations.

Despite the difficult economic situation for business, Expert-Cable LLC provided assistance to two public organizations: the volunteer center of the United Russia in Orel region and the Orel Regional Public Organization “Search for Missing Children — Orel”.

“As you know, we have launched a new workshop for the production of disposable masks. I decided to hand over the first batch of masks to the United Russia Volunteer Center in Orel Region, as volunteers of this center daily visit dozens of Orel residents, delivering essential food and medical products, and they need personal protective equipment in quarantine conditions. I would like to once again express my heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers and wish them success in this difficult, but very necessary business,” — says Sergei Nikolayevich Kutenev, CEO of Expert-Cable LLC.

“As for the support for the Orel Regional Public Organization Search-and-rescue Team ‘Search for Missing Children — Orel’, our company has provided material assistance for the purchase of special equipment to enable the search operations to be carried out. The work of volunteers from this community organization is always in demand, at any time of the year and in any environment. Unfortunately, cases of missing children do occur, and children’s lives often depend on the promptness and technical equipment of such organizations. I would also like to thank the volunteers of the search and rescue team for their hard work, which is hard to put into words.”

Oleg Tyutyakin, chairman of the board of Search and Rescue Team “Search for missing children — Orel” expressed his deep gratitude to the staff of Expert-Cable LLC and personally to Sergei Nikolaevich Kutenev, CEO of Expert-Cable LLC, for help.

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